Saturday, June 8, 2013

i am only human.

i am human. [sigh]

let me ponder this again.

this is something that i have had to give myself grace with. i feel like ever since 4.20.2013 (the accident), my life has been going nonstop. i make mistakes. i forget to call friends back. i text back responses days later. i forget to text back at all. i've neglected those close to me. all of these things have been unintentional. and all of these things i intend to work on. i am just asking for grace. because next to Jesus, people are the most important thing to me.

the last few months of my life have consisted of physical therapy three times a week. planning and attending baby showers. birthday parties. family events. out of town guests. dog sitting. graduations. weddings. photography gigs. hair gigs. family emergencies. [moving] etc, etc. it's a bit overwhelming. and i have now come to a place where i can work on building those relationships again. did i mention i am in a long distance relationship, as well? yeah, that takes work. for real. i am not asking for a pity party. i chose to do these things. and i loved being a part of every moment.

in the midst of it all, one thing remains the same. my Jesus continues to hold me up. and love me. i am constantly learning. vulnerability and transparency are at the top of the list. go big or go home, right? haha. i love being human. i love making mistakes. i love being on the bottom. because it forces me to rely on Him and not my own ways. [my flesh is so eager to be right.] but i can only go up from the bottom. and i come out on top with a new understanding. and a new lesson learned. and even more love and appreciation for others and my Jesus.

i am learning. i am growing. come alongside me, will you?

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